Rent Marquee Letters Now

Rent Letters Now

Are you searching for the perfect marquee letter rentals for your wedding, party, quinceanera, or event? You’re in the perfect place! Rent Letters Now is a company that provides marquee letters, numbers, and event decor for events every week, all year long! We offer the best 3-foot tall and 4-foot tall marquee letters with led lights for a great price! (Scroll down for pricing).

Why Marquee Letter Rentals?

marquee letter rentals

Marquee letters are the perfect, unique decor to add that final touch to your wedding, party, or event! With wedding planning, details matter. We know that you want to have a fun, memorable wedding. Why not get decor that is different, and custom, just for your wedding/event?

You and your guests will love these marquee letters! Every time we do an event, guests are taking a photo with the letters almost the entire time of the wedding/event!

Your Name in Marquee Lights

marquee letter options

We can rent just about any word or name you can spell. The most popular marquee letter rentals for weddings are last names, initials with an ampersand or heart, “love,” hashtag, or even the event date, too. These giant marquee letters will look great in every photo and video, too!

The warm white glow of the marquee lights will look amazing on the dance floor, stage, or anywhere you want to add decor.

Marquee Color Options

There are many color options for your led light bulbs. The most popular color for the marquee letters is warm white. However, you can add other color bulbs, like red, pink, green, blue, amber, and more for your letter or number rental. We will create a custom, unique look for your letter rentals for your wedding, party, or event.


We are one of the very few vendors who offer 4 ft tall, San Serif letters/numbers/symbols. They will definitely look amazing at your event! Our prices are $85 per letter/number, plus delivery/set-up/pick-up fees, for up to an 8-hour rental.ย The 3 ft letters are $65 per letter/number, plus delivery.

Delivery fees will vary depending on event location, time, etc. We do offer multi-day rentals for an additional fee. Ask us for details.ย 

Rent Marquee Numbers

available marquee number options

Our marquee lights are also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, too. You can rent the number/numbers 15, 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, and more for your special event. The marquee lights & 3-foot tall/4-foot tall marquee letters will make a giant statement at weddings, parties, and events.

marquee number rentals

For anniversaries, we can even rent the event date numbers, original wedding event date numbers, or any custom idea you’d like to create with our marquee letters!

Ready to Light Up Your Party?

Ready to add the perfect, final touch for your wedding, party, or special day? Rent the best marquee letters/marquee lights, now, and let us light up your event! Contact us, today, to discuss your event rental needs for your wedding, party, or event. Get your name in lights. Rent Letters Now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to book marquee letters for your wedding or event, we’re ready to provide our services! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our marquee letter rentals.

  1. What info do we need to order letters?

    We simply need to know the wedding, party, or event date, the address (venue address or residential address), where you want the letters set up, and the marquee letters or numbers that you’re interested in renting.

  2. How early do we need to book the marquee letters or numbers for a wedding, party, or special event?

    We strongly recommend booking as early as possible. The Rent Letters Now company is one of very few giant letter rentals companies in our area, which means our available rental dates go quickly.

  3. Can we set up the marquee letters outdoors?

    Yes, the marquee letters can be set up indoors or outdoors. We’ll simply need access to a standard plug/power outlet.

  4. What are your marquee letters made of?

    Our marquee letters are made of plywood, light bulbs, and love! ๐Ÿ™‚ Many marquee letters are metal, (or have metal edges), but in our experience, these don’t last as long and are too light for outdoor use.

  5. Do you offer shipping for marquee letters?

    No, we do not offer shipping. There are online companies that do offer shipping in the United States, but their rental price is much higher than ours. We do offer free setup and breakdown, with every rental, though!

  6. Do you do multi-day rentals?

    Yes, we do have rental options for more than one day. Standard rentals are up to 8 hours, with free setup, and free pickup with each rental. You can add more days to your rental for an additional fee/price.